April 30 Short ride in the Jemez

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April 30 Short ride in the Jemez

Postby bluedakar » Fri May 01, 2020 12:04 pm

On April 30, I rode my GSA up NM 4 and tried to get to Cuba via 126. I had been told that Jemez Pueblo was closed and there was no access to the national forest. This is not the case. It's true the Pueblo is closed, but that only means they aren't accepting visitors. NM 4 is open. However, once the pavement ends on 126 just past the fish hatchery it gets "challenging". I made it about 2 1/2 miles before the sand/dust/talcum powder got really bad and I dropped my bike. I'm still not used to riding my GSA on dirt, but past experience on my GS650 taught me a little about sand (mostly to avoid it) but this was really tough. Fortunately the driver of a passing truck took pity on me and helped lift the bike up and turn around. Long story short, be aware that 126 is pretty nasty.

I was probably foolish to attempt 126 on my own. If there are others out there who want to take advantage of the Pandemic to get out and ride, let me know. I'd like to explore some of the better forest roads, but now I'm skeptical about riding alone. If you would like to do some riding let me know. By the way, I won't attempt 126 again, at least not until I hear it's not so sandy.

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