NM ADV 800cc+ 2020 rides

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NM ADV 800cc+ 2020 rides

Postby NMCOLee » Mon Mar 09, 2020 10:15 pm

Hello All: Lee here from the NMADV 800cc+ crew (find us on facebook) You may have seen us on this board prior. We're a crew looking for big bike riders who do single and multi day ADV rides.

So far we have 3 rides scheduled in 2020: A day trip in March, parts of the NMBDR in early June and the CDR north to south in August. We'll surely add a couple more day rides and some weekend overnight rides too as the weather warms.

You can see what type of rides we typically do and the pace on the facebook page. We typically camp or do a mix of camping and motels (leaning toward camping) on big rides.

Look us up if you are interested.
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