July 19 ADV CDR 3 day ride.

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July 19 ADV CDR 3 day ride.

Postby NMCOLee » Thu Jun 27, 2019 6:03 pm

Hi All: Lee here with the 'NM ADV 800cc+' group. You can find us on Face Book under that name. We have an upcoming weekend ADV ride starting on Friday July 19th. The plan is to leave ABQ earlyish on July 19th and ride tarmac to the ADV Continental Divide Route just outside of Antonito. We have 3 riders going and have room for 3 more. The plan is to ride the CDR route North from the CO border until sometime Sunday, then take tarmac home.

Our typical pace is spirited yet safe. When doing BDRs we typically run a section a day. This is a weekend trip with quite a bit of tarmac so Friday and Sunday will have less off-road time.

We keep tabs on each other to help recover dropped and stuck big heavy ADV bikes. We also work as a team to get the big bikes through technical areas when they arise (ledges up or down, river crossings, deep sand, mud, stuff that can be challenging on the big bike).

We will be camping. We pretty much never have a camping spot set prior, and our plans run loose as things happen on ADV rides as you know. We generally look for dispersed camping.

Our crew mostly consists of GSA 1200 riders with a Tiger 800 thrown in for good measure.

Please look us up on FB and reach out to us there if any interest in joining us for the trip.

Please also see our rules on the FB page.
Basically our rules are: 1: 800cc plus 2: Must run knobbies (Most of us run TKC 80s, Wilds or Karoo 3s) 3: See FB for our other rules basically you need to be a nice person.

We are a social group and typically there is good conversation around the campfire during the evenings.

And that's the story.
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