Faceshield/GPS/dashboard cleaning tips

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Faceshield/GPS/dashboard cleaning tips

Postby CYCLE_MONKEY » Sat Aug 26, 2023 1:10 pm

I'm new to the ADV world and returning to dirt riding after a long hiatus (though I rode dirtbikes decades ago), so I was out riding in the dry, fine silty red stuff here with my helmet w/faceshield instead of my old MX helmet w/goggles, and thought that there has to be a better way than to scratch your faceshield/GPS/dashboard by rubbing the abrasive across these plastic screens with your dirty glove (essentially making fine sandpaper) just so you can see. There is. On long dirt rides I carry a bunch of Swiffer inserts in a couple Ziplocks. I put the one I use (until it gets dirty enough to toss) in it's own bag, and keep the clean ones in their own bag. The Swiffer inserts are like really fine microfiber cloth but even softer as they need no pressure, and they're electrostatically charged to attract dust. It's like carrying a featherduster with you. You don't put any pressure on it as you wipe it across your plastic screen, and it does a great job of removing the dust without scratching the screen. Obviously you shouldn't use it on muddy shields, but, I've found that they work great for long dusty days, weigh nothing, and take up almost no space in your tankbag or whatever. I never ride the KTM without them now.

For the BMW, I have a microfiber cloth soaked in a mixture of 91% isopropyl mixed with tapwater in a ziplock bag to keep it moist. Since I'm not covered in fine dust by riding in the dirt I don't bother with the Swiffer, it's mostly bugs splattered at high-speed that I need to clean off and the wet cloth soaked in alcohol works great.

Ride safe!
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