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Postby Jonh » Mon May 18, 2020 11:55 am

The decision to cancel the 2020 LOEBMWR Rally was not a hasty one. The Board has been discussing the issue for over a month, and at one time I asked the Board members to talk to members about the issue. I personally talked to over 20 members, and overwhelming stated they would not be attending this year. I poled the Board members after a time and got a majority vote to cancel the 2020 rally. I then ask Dave to ask his Rally Committee their opinion. They voted to cancel the 2020 Rally 8 to 1. They are in fact the ones that must do most of the planning and volunteering at the Rally. We should honor their feelings, and we will need this group for 2021. So yes, I agree.

The 3 issues that we address were.
Will the State Government allow more that 50 people to gather?
Will Sipapu be able to handle our group with mandated restrictions?
Will we have the number of attendees to justify the expense?

We are motorcycle riders and are strongly opposed to anyone telling us where to ride.

The Club sponsored Ice Cream Ride last week was canceled, but several riders showed up in Glenwood for great weather, riding, and camaraderie. The area around Sipapu has some of the best motorcycle riding in the country. So, in early September you will see me on my BMW riding the great roads near Sipapu, but not attending an official LOEBMWR Rally.

I will wave as we pass!

Jon Helm
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Sipapu 2021

Postby RJMirabal » Sun May 17, 2020 4:42 pm

You read the subject of this announcement correctly: 2021. Because, sadly, we have to cancel our 2020 Bavarian Mountain Weekend Rally for the first time in 35 years! :(

Here's is a statement from this year's Rally Chair, Dave Hartman:

"I've been holding back saying anything, letting greater powers than me decide about Rally 2020. But I have to say it, LOEBMWR needs to avoid holding a rally this year with extreme prejudice. Don't go near it. If there is any time to cancel, it is 2020.

I polled the Rally Committee, there were 8 no's and 1 yes. Cancellation is the most prudent thing to do. This pandemic is coming at us whether we like it or not.... But now, don't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Limited involvement places the club at full liability with zero rewards.

Rally attendees are all adults and they can find their own source of riding pleasure this year. We just don't need to be a magnet for even 50 vectors to come in from all parts of the country.

Thank you,
Dave Hartman"

Jon, Dave H, and I (RJ) talked about it and then consulted with Lisa Lopez, the manager at Sipapu. With the longer-term restrictions on large gatherings, occupancy limits on hotels and lodges, the highly likely-hood of much fewer people attending the rally, limits on out-of-state visitors, etc. etc. Well... you get it.

So we are hopeful for 2021, but won't know until next year.


1) cancel your cabin/room reservations for this year;

2) and/or move the reservation to 2021;

Club members, please go to our Land of Enchantment BMW Riders Group Facebook page ( for additional details. We hope to get an email and post card announcement out soon, but please look at our Facebook page for now. If you haven't joined it, go there and make a request to get approved. You must be a current club member.

This is a hard thing to do, but we don't have any choice. We remain hopeful for the future and will plan accordingly as the whole state, national and international situation develops.
RJ Mirabal
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