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Camp & Ride to Cloudcroft June 12-14, 2020

PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2020 10:45 am
by SandyBallard
The first Camp & Ride of 2020 will take place Friday June 12 through Sunday June 14 at the Lower Fir Group Campsite located about a mile from Cloudcroft. At an elevation of 8700 feet, it should be nice and cool so come on out and beat the heat in the rest of New Mexico.

As with all Camp & Rides, this is a self supported trip which means you need to bring your own camping gear, cooking equipment, food and libations. Water and firewood are available at the site, so don't worry about that. The club is picking up the tab for the campsite, which has a large covered pavilion with multiple picnic tables and will accommodate up to 70 people. If you would rather stay in a motel the Dusty Boots Motel in Cloudcroft ( is only about a mile away and you are welcome to join us at the campsite for social time.

Cloudcroft is about 200 miles / 4 hours from Albuquerque via Claunch and Alamogordo. Here is a link to a map of a route to the campsite:

There is paved road all the way to the campground and even the parking lot is paved. The gps coordinates of the campground are 32.96803, -105.73395.

More info about the campground can be found here:

There are several excellent rides in the area and we would imagine that folks will go and ride some of them on Saturday June 11.

Here is a link to the forum postings about the 2018 ride where you can find member comments and links to photo albums, etc.:

Hope to see you out there!