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Re: Ice Cream Ride - May 8-10, 2020 - POSTPONED

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:47 am
by RJMirabal
:eek: :(

Looks like I won't be using the John Wayne room after all. Before I cancel it, if anyone wants to take it, let me know ASAP.


Ice Cream Ride Rescheduled to July 17-19, 2020

PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:38 pm
by LOEBMWR Admin

This business with the Corona virus has certainly thrown a monkey wrench into our club activities schedule.

Since it appears very clear at this point that the need to practice good social distancing behavior will not soon abate, the club officers, after extensive deliberations, have decided to reschedule the Ice Cream Ride for Friday-Sunday July 17-19.

We hope that things will have returned to normal by then. Stay tuned!

Re: Ice Cream Ride - May 8-10, 2020 - POSTPONED

PostPosted: Tue Mar 03, 2020 11:51 am
by RJMirabal

See my update for the John Wayne Room above! One new vacancy, so you still have a chance to get a bed to sleep in. Better than sleeping on the ground next to your bike! :lol:

:roll: :wink:

Re: Ice Cream Ride - May 8-10, 2020

PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:00 pm
by Jonh
I have my room, this is a great long weekend hope you can make it.

Jon H

Re: Ice Cream Ride - May 8-10, 2020

PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:54 pm
by RJMirabal

John Wayne ROOM IS NOT FULL after all!: One of us couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances, so there's still one more bed availableThe price per person is $64 for both nights as long as we keep our full cabin of 5 people.

For those who have reserved, here are the details: I've reserved the "John Wayne" group cabin at Los Olmos. It has one queen size bed and 4 twins. I talked to the manager and the twins are currently set up as bunks, but--in this cabin only--they can be taken apart and laid out as individual twin beds--no bed above you and no bed you have to climb up to get in! The layout is one big room with all the beds in the same room, not like two suites they have in the other group cabins. Get out your ear-plugs!! :twisted:

Since I reserved the room, I'll probably take the queen bed, but if someone has a special situation, I can take one of the twins. The rate will be $64 per person for both nights (May 8th and 9th) if the cabin is full. You can pay me when we all arrive in Glenwood--check or cash. If any want to arrive Thursday night, you can add a night which would run about $160 divided by how many people stay the night of May 7th. You could reserve that room yourself and then pay me for the next two nights separately since I'll pay the overall bill for the two nights I've reserved. We can coordinate with the owners so there's no confusion.

If someone can't go after-all, I'll post the vacancy here. Look forward to the usual great time in Glenwood.

:roll: :wink:

Ice Cream Ride - May 8-10, 2020 - POSTPONED

PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 2:09 pm
by SandyBallard
The annual Ice Cream Ride will be held Friday May 8 through Sunday May 10 at the lovely Los Olmos Lodge in Glenwood NM.

Many thanks to Jan (JAS) for organizing this year's event!

We have reserved the outdoor pavilion at the Los Olmos for our evening festivities and Kerry is holding a block of cabins for our use. Please make your reservations at your earliest convenience ( (575)539-2224) and be sure to mention that you are with the Land of Enchantment BMW Riders club.

As in previous years, the club will host a picnic dinner at the Los Olmos Friday evening. Saturday evening, we will order pizza from a local pizzeria.

The ride to Glenwood is outstanding and there are numerous other great rides in the area, including the unbeatable Devil's Highway in Arizona.

Additional details about the event will be forthcoming as the date approaches but in the meantime you can peruse postings about the 2018 Ice Cream Ride here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5049