Riding Challenge 2019 - Libraries of New Mexico

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Riding Challenge 2019 - Libraries of New Mexico

Postby SandyBallard » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:40 am

Riding Challenge 2019 - Libraries of New Mexico has begun!

Sponsored by Land of Enchantment BMW Riders and Sandia BMW

Get smart! By visiting the libraries in the 2019 Riding Challenge you are bound to absorb some knowledge, right? Visit all 48 libraries and win the accolades of your peers and a fabulous prize at next year’s Christmas Party.

It seems like every dinky little town in New Mexico has a tiny, local, community library. We usually blow through these towns on the main drag and miss all of the colorful local flavor that resides just off the highway. Well, the libraries in these towns tend to be located right in the heart of all that local color so get off the road and into some color.

You have from now until midnight on Sunday November 3, 2019 to visit as many libraries on the Riding Challenge as you can. At each library, take a photograph of you, your bike and a library sign. Send your photos to Sandy Ballard at activities@loebmwr.org anytime, but no later than midnight November 3.

Check back here from time to time for updates or corrections to the Rides. Also, feel free to post comments about your Riding Challenge rides here and/or on the club Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/loebmwr/).

You don't have to ride the same bike on every ride. Mix and match, as you like. The Riding Challenge is not a race; the order in which Riders complete the Challenge is not considered. You must be a member of LOEBMWR to win prizes. You can join for a paltry $35/yr at http://www.loebmwr.org/JoinRenew.aspx

The Libraries

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 8.37.17 AM.png
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Here is the information about the libraries:

Google Map:

Google Sheet:

Google Earth File (KMZ):

GPX File (Basecamp):

Instructions for downloading the GPX file to your Garmin GPS:

Have a great time out there!

Sandy Ballard
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