February 20, 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes

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February 20, 2019 Committee Meeting Minutes

Postby RJMirabal » Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:38 am


Big thanks to Amy for taking the minutes this time. Works a lot better than relying on my memory a week after the meeting! :lol:

LOEBMWR Rally Committee Meeting
February 18, 2019
Hartman Home

Attendees: Amy Ballard, Larry Mounger, Steve Mounce, Dave Hartman, Kitty Krivitsky, Dan Krivitsky, Jan Sands, RJ Mirabal, Chad Petty, Gary Cade

1. Shirts and Pins

Dave brought some shirts and pins from past rallies and other rallies to inspire ideas for this year’s event.

2. Logo

Best response from email sent out was for the logo with the large 35 and the motorcycle emerging from the center. Also, pocket Zia design received positive response for a different shirt.

3. Shirts

Dave checked on t-shirts from Alibaba, minimum run of 300 shirts, probably too many. Bigger more colorful logo would be nice, but keeping colors simple will keep cost down. No shading.

Colors—red, white and blue suggested. Keeps with BMW theme. Decided to let Dave Wilson come up with the color scheme since he is the designer. Design should go on the front only.

T-shirt price has normally been $20-25; common for most rallies. T-shirts are currently what we make money on over and above break-even point. Exceeding this price probably not acceptable to most attendees (rally mentality).

Most would prefer not to get the poly fabric shirts again, but rather to go with the Hanes Beefy-T, which is good quality and comfortable.

4. Future of the rally

Some ongoing discussion about whether the rally should continue as is or change in some way. Gary Cade feels strongly that we need to provide an incentive to members to attend the rally. Right now he says it is not appealing to club members. Perhaps making a deal to buy 1 entry get one for 50% off. Or a day pass for attendees who only want to attend one day might be a possibility.

The major expenses are the venue rental and the meals, which were $18/ea. Last year.

Lodging also a major challenge at Sipapu; an improvement in this respect would improve enthusiasm for the venue. RJ thought we should put these ideas in a survey to the membership. We need comments on this. Survey could be announced in a Legendary Shaft. Chad and RJ will work on survey.

Chama, Taos, Red River all suggested as alternatives, but we need to see what’s happening with Sipapu.

Ideas for improving rally included more vendors, demo rides and/or guided demo rides, doubling up with other clubs. We should reach out to the Triumph dealership and Tiger Troop. Maybe do an Overland Expo type thing like at REI.

5. Larry Mounger and Dave Hartman volunteered to drive the rally truck.

6. Pins

Minimum 250 or 300. Keep it simple.

7. Stickers suggested as a good marketing tool.

8. Mugs

We could sell these at the rally. Maybe do a small run of around 2 dozen max. Vista Print and Alibaba will do small run.

9. Sandia BMW will do plastic coffee mugs.

10. Special Event Ideas

o Presentations in afternoon/evening. RJ will see if anyone interested.
o Speakers
o Offer a room in Taos if they speak?
o Clemente Salvatore
o Abhi Eswerrapa

o ? Creator of Bike-curious website.
o BDR Folks
o Matt (Survivalist guy)

11. Music

Steve Mounce found band composed of Sipapu locals who will play for $800. Everyone agreed that this would be a good way to go. They are playing at the Taos Inn in March if people want to see them.

12. Meeting with Sipapu
Late March/April
RJ will talk to Lisa.

13. Next meeting

After Sipapu, early May? If anyone wants to host, let RJ know. :roll: :wink:
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