March Rally Meeting Minutes

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March Rally Meeting Minutes

Postby RJMirabal » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:35 am

Here's the latest on the rally, courtesy of Amy who took notes. 8)

LOEBMWR 2018 Rally Meeting
March 21, 2018
Location: Helm’s Home

Attendees: Kitty and Dan Krivitsky, Steve Mounce, Larry Mounger, Rod Getting, Amy Ballard, Jim (new), Jan Sands, Dave Hartman, Chad Petty, Jon Helm, Shelly Oleson, Gary Oleson, Doug Guinn, RJ Mirabal (Chair)

1. T-shirts

RJ brought samples of long and short-sleeved t-shirts for color and material vetting. The Board preferred gray frost for the long-sleeved shirts, and royal frost for the short-sleeved; RJ will have a test shirt printed.

The logo will be on the front breast pocket area with a white background to show up on all colors. Changes to the design requested include: keep all lettering the same color (black), move bike slightly up to center.

RJ will check for how many shirts were ordered in the past and will send that information out for Board input.

2. Caps

Match with gray shirts. 36 hats should be ordered.

We still have 2 dozen of the old hats (orange and khaki).

3. Pins

Last year we ordered 250 pins, we will order 250 pins again this year.

RJ will get a quote.

4. Band

Several board members went to listen to the Gutter Band. RJ has had some communication with them and let them know that we could pay them $1,000 for the evening.

Dave Hartman recommended Bone Orchard, a group he heard at the Taos Inn. He played some of their music for the group; most liked the music. The fact that they are Taos-based may alleviate need to pay for housing. Dave has their contact information and will contact them to find out how much they would charge to perform.

Doug Guinn recommended the Damn Band, who are Taos-based also. He will check into their participation.

5. PR
Chad reported on the progress with PR for the rally.
• Motorrad Magazine has not returned his calls.
• BMWRA has been contacted (Chad, remind to run ad every month)
• BMW MOA has been contacted (Chad, remind to run ad every month)
• Airhead magazine is a possible contact
• There are online sites, he is being very picky about who we advertise with.

Chad will compile the contact information for these outlets so future PR contacts will be easier. He is going to buy signs to direct people to events at the rally (dry erase type)

6. Inviting past participants
RJ will email blast past participants to invite them to this year’s rally.

7. Tech/Topic presentations

• Rule of 5 presentation by survival skills specialist
• Brian from Tiger Troop
• West 38 Moto, Dusty Wessels
• Vonnie and Paul Glaves
• Matt Parkhouse is not available
• Moto fitness
• Fly Fishing company (needs to know when we want him)

RJ will send info to all as soon as website is ready. They can register as presenter/vendors and get a meal. Let RJ know if anyone has other ideas. He is coordinating vendors and presenters.

8. Sandy Ballard will have electronic GPS files of the rides near the rally for folks.

9. 50/50 Charity

There was some discussion about whether or not we should donate this money to a charity, or if the club should keep. Pros for the club keeping the money is that we barely break even on the rally, so this would help. Cons are that the club has money and a donation to charity is a good thing to do.

Send comments and ideas to RJ.

10. Door Prizes
Please make suggestions of donors and vendors to attend. RJ and Amy are working on this.

11. Vendors/Presenters
• Sandia of Santa Fe
• Chair and table massage
• Garcia Motorsports
• New Triumph dealer?
• PJ’s?
• Moto Authority
• NM OHV group
• Law Tigers are doing posters, taking to all the dealers.

12. Under 30/Over 70 discount

We will keep this. It is a $5 off discount for store purchases only.

13. 1-day cut rate rally ticket

It was decided not to offer this, this year.

Next meeting, May 16th, 6:00pm
Lynn will be our always gracious host

:roll: :wink:
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