How to Subscribe and Watch a Topic or Forum

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How to Subscribe and Watch a Topic or Forum

Postby LOEBMWR Admin » Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:35 am

Many of you may be missing out on the opportunity to receive last minute notifications and details about rides and events that are posted to the clubs Message Board (MB).

There is a simple and quick way to make sure you receive any updates or newly added items by using the "Subscribe" feature of the MB.

In simple terms, when you Subscribe to a Forum (such as Meetup, General Commentary, Impromptu Rides, and For Sale & Wanted Items) or a Topic which contains posts within one of those Forums, the MB "Watches" them for you and will email you anytime something new is added (posted) to that overall Forum or a specific Topic within that forum. Think about Forums and Topics as being like a filing cabinet - each drawer would be a Forum, and inside each drawer are folders which are your Topics, and inside each folder could be 1 or 100's of pages of information, and those are the Posts.

Subscribing is an easy task and you only need to do it once for each Forum or Topic (unsubscribing is equally easy to do too).

To Subscribe to a particular Topic, let's say it is a post regarding Best Motorcycle Engine Oil, in the forum called General Commentary:
1 - go to that Best Motorcycle Engine Oil Topic on the MB
2 - scroll to the bottom of that page
3 - you'll see 4 items listed on the blue colored bar at the bottom left corner of the page, they are "Board index", "Problems?? Email with questions", "Subscribe topic" (that's the one we'll work with), and "Bookmark topic"
4 - you may also notice a small empty box to the left of the words "Subscribe topic". If you are Subscribed to a topic that box will have an "X" in it.
5 - to change that empty box to an X and Subscribe, click on the words "Subscribe topic" (you can't click the box, only the words Subscribe topic). You'll see a screen confirming that you've Subscribed and then be taken back to the Topic you were just viewing. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see there is now an X in that box. You may also notice the words have now changed to "Unsubscribe topic".

How do you Unsubscribe? Go back to the Best Motorcycle Engine Oil Topic and click on "Unsubscribe topic" at the bottom of the page. It's that simple!

Subscribing to a Forum (and Unsubscribing) is nearly identical to Subscribing (and Unsubscribing) to a Topic, except you do it from the Forum page and not the Topic page. For instance, to Subscribe to the Meetup Forum (and get updates of anything posted to that entire Forum), click the link to open up the Meetup Forum page, scroll to the bottom of that page and you'll see that same Subscribe link and empty box at the left bottom of the page as you did when you were Subscribing to a Topic except this time it says "Subscribe forum". You should know how to do the rest and, if not, follow the instructions above for Subscribing to a Topic.

How do you know how many Topics or Forums you're "Watching"? If you want to view all the Forums or Topics you are currently watching, or if you want to quickly Unsubscribe from a bunch of Subscribed Forums and Topics, there is an easy way to do that from your User Control Panel (UCP). Open your User Control Panel (link is near the upper left side of your screen). When that new page opens, under the OVERVIEW tab (first tab in the line), select the menu choice of Manage Subscriptions and you will see all the Forums and Topics you are Subscribed to and watching. Simply check any topics or forums you want to "unwatch", you can quickly unsubscribe from all by scrolling to bottom of page and selecting the "Mark all" option then selecting the "Unwatch marked" button. You may have to do that more than once if you are Watching many, many topics. Either way, you'll need to select the "Unwatch marked" button at the bottom right corner of the page before you'll be Unsubscribed from anything you may have selected. You'll know you were successful if a confirmation screen opens up and then you'll be taken back to the "Manage subscriptions" screen.

DID YOU KNOW you can also setup your Profile so you can automatically receive email notifications when someone replies to a Topic you have posted? To turn that feature off or on, open up your UCP and click on the Board Preferences tab (third tab on the top line). Select the Edit Posting Defaults menu choice. The fourth menu button on the right is "Notify me upon replies by default" change this from No to Yes, click on the "Submit" button below that, and you will automatically receive notifications. If it is already set to Yes, and you don't want any more notifications then change that from Yes to No (don't forget that "Submit" button). You should no longer be automatically added to receive notifications when someone posts to something you have posted to.

Subscribing to a Topic or Forum is an easy way to "set it and forget it", you won't have to check the MB each day to see if there are any updates, instead the MB will let you know when there is a change.

Until next time!

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