Updating Your MB Email Address

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Updating Your MB Email Address

Postby LOEBMWR Admin » Tue May 19, 2015 10:35 am

You update your Email information from your User Control Panel (UCP).

Step 1 - login to your Message Board (MB) account
Step 2 - go to your User Control Panel (UCP) by clicking the link called "User Control Panel" near the upper left side of your MB screen (it's located right below the words "Board Index")
Step 3 - on your UCP screen select the "Profile" tab (second tab located between "Overview" and "Board preferences" tabs) located below the words "User Control Panel". You will now see 4 links along the left side of the screen related to setting your profile options
Step 4 - select the "Edit Account Settings" link
Step 5 – on the right side of the page fill in the blanks for your “E-mail address:”, type the same E-mail again in the “Confirm e-mail address:” box, and then type your current password into the “Current Password” box (this verifies you are the person authorized to make this change)
Step 6 – click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page

NOTE - you can also update your password and username from this same area.

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