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Postby Jonh » Sat Jan 01, 2022 10:12 am


It is the time of the year we start thinking about the events that make LOEBMWR the Great Club it is.

Just a quick list of some of the events for 2022.
Rider Challenge
Progressive Breakfast
Ice Cream Ride
Birthday Picnic
Durango Leaf Ride
Christmas Party
First Sunday Traveling Breakfast
Third Saturday Lunch

What I do not see is Dual Sport Rides, Ride and Camp, and Spur of the Moment “Let’s Meet and Ride” using the Forum or FB. Well, let’s change that. Our Activities Committee needs help, so if you are a member that wants to get more involved with DS Rides or R&C event, please let me know. I know we are looking for a Communication Coordinator that will be the connection between the Activities Committee and the Club Members using Direct Email. This would be a good opportunity to get more involved in the Club decision making process. It takes only a few hours a year and our in-house experts are there to help and guide you all the way.

At the Progressive Breakfast each year we elect Officers to serve for that year. Candidates are drawn from the membership of our Club. The Board each year does put forward a slate of Candidates, but that does not exclude any Club member from placing forth a nomination at that Progressive Breakfast meeting.

To keep the LOEBMWR one of the premier motorcycle clubs in the southwest we need more members to volunteer a small amount of your time, step forward and help.

Jon H
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