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LOEBMWR Bylaws changes

Postby Jonh » Thu Jul 01, 2021 8:19 am

Bylaw Changes 6/29/21

The Virus has caused the Club many issues and by making a minor change in the Club Bylaws we were able to continue the operation of LOEBMWR.

When Bede vacated the position of Treasurer / Membership last spring we needed to fill both positions. With out in person contact with Club members it was difficult to contact individuals willing to take on these responsibilities. But thanks to Terry, RJ, Jan, Bede, and myself we were able to fill the vacancies with Kitty K as Treasurer, and James L as Membership.

That was only the first part of the problem. Because Treasurer and Membership are voting Board members, they must be elected by Club members at an official Club gathering in person as stated in the Bylaws. The “in person” is what caused the problem as we could not hold an official Club gathering with the Virus restrictions.

With 4 months of debate, no dues collected, new members not added, and financial information not available I called for a Board meeting.

At that Meeting I proposed a small change in the Bylaws to correct the problem. The changes are:

Article 5 Elections

The last sentence of the first paragraph to be deleted. It states, “Voting by mail or proxy shall not be permitted.”

Addition to Elections “Section 5.4 Voting will not be limited to in-person. Under certain circumstance, as directed by the President of the Club, voting can be held through electronic methods, i.e., email, zoom, or live video conference. “

The proposed changes were voted on at the May 28, 2021, Board meeting and with a quorum of Board members attending and voting positive to put this proposal to a vote at the next official Club Meeting. The minutes of that meeting are available on the website.

At the “Welcome Back Gathering” on June 26, 2021, an official Club event I brought the changes to a Club vote, and with overwhelming positive vote it was passed.

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