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Re: Members for the Activities Committee

Postby LOEBMWR Admin » Sun Nov 15, 2020 9:55 am

Anyone interested in being part of the Activities Committee and donating a very small amount of your time, or if you have taken some cool rides and want to share that with everyone, we invite you to reply to this post. You can also email the LOEBMWR President,, with comments or suggestions and to let him know you would like to be part of our next Activities Committee ZOOM meeting. There is no commitment on your part to join the committee.

Many of our members and friends are still active despite the cooler weather and COVID concerns, and we value your input so that we will be prepared to resume normal operations once the lock downs and health issues are behind us.
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Members for the Activities Committee

Postby Jonh » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:21 pm


We are looking for Members for the Activities Committee. The AC will meet in person the first of each year and meet by email as needed. The AC will set dates for our main events
(Traveling Breakfasts, Progress Breakfast, Ice Cream, Picnic, Fall Colors, Xmas Party,) The Rally will still need a Chairman, and as usual many volunteers. The Activities Czar will be the communicator between the AC and the Club Members.

We are working on an AC hat or shirt to be presented to Members that come up with monthly rides and Committee Members. To be on the Committee you must host a Ride.
Our Club has several small groups that arranging rides and get together weekly. The AC will be able to put together small destination type rides that all LOEBMWR members can enjoy.

Jon H
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