Buy a 2017 Rally Shirt and/or Cap--support the club!

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Re: 2017 Rally Shirts are Different!

Postby David Wilson » Tue Aug 08, 2017 7:47 am

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Buy a 2017 Rally Shirt and/or Cap--support the club!

Postby RJMirabal » Fri Aug 04, 2017 3:38 pm


Didn't make it to the rally? Or you were there but didn't drop by to see the cool new rally shirts? Or do you just want to support the club while getting yourself or a special person a cool shirt? Look below and you'll see what we mean. This year, just for fun, the short sleeve and long sleeve shirts are in different colors. You may want to get one of each... or more!

We have a good supply of both short and long sleeve smalls, mediums, lots of larges and extra larges and even a few long sleeve 2X and one 3X short sleeve. Short sleeves are $20 and long sleeves are $25. We even have three tan 2016 smalls for $5 each. The popular rally hats come in Texas Orange and Light Khaki colors for $20. Check and see if your old one is getting faded or dirty. Don't have one?? Then you know what to do! :lol:

Contact RJ ( to get yours. They'll also be available at the Christmas Party or can be delivered to a Sunday morning breakfast or brunch if you make arrangements. Get your size and style before they run out! :eek:
2017 Rally Shirt pix short sleeve downsized.jpg
Short sleeve in Dark Red
2017 Rally Shirt pix long sleeve downsized.jpg
Long sleeve in Navy
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