Monday, August 19, 2019
Register For The Rally

35th Annual Bavarian Mountain Weekend Rally

September 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2019


Registration for our rally is required whether you register in advance on-line or by mail.. Online registrations must be completed and mail-in forms with payment must arrive by Wednesday Sept.  4.

You can also register on-site at the Rally however Rally registration fees will be $10 higher for each adult and $5 higher for each child when registered after September 4.

A wristband will be issued to all registered rally attendees and visitors, so please check in at the registration tables inside the lodge (follow the signs) when you arrive at the Rally.

NOTE: Credit Cards ACCEPTED (additional $1 fee per transaction) at the rally for on-site registration and rally store purchases (rally t-shirts, hats, etc.) There is also an ATM on-site.

Vendors and Presenters...we want you at our rally! All vendors are offered two (2) free registrations, and presenters are offered one (1) free registration for on-site personnel during the rally (please ignore the request for payment screen) - we will verify that you are a legitimate Vendor or Presenter. These registrations have all the same benefits as for participants: free camping, Friday and Saturday night meals, etc. If vendors have more than two people on-site, of if presenters have more than one person on-site you are expected to pay for additional registrations (presenter teams may be accommodated up to two free registrations - contact to discuss). All vendors are expected to donate one or more door prizes. Please contact to obtain details concerning door prizes.


Rally attendees who volunteer to work a shift will be given the option of staying in the dorm rooms on the third floor of the lodge. Only Rally work volunteers will be afforded this privilege. Email for details about volunteering to work a few hours during the event. Lots of spots are available for lots of different jobs and at various times throughout the weekend.

FLEA MARKET - everyone is welcome to bring one or two things to sell "flea market" style. Vendors who bring several items for sale are requested to donate a door prize or gift certificate for our Saturday night party.

LODGING - Room and cabins are usually reserved far in advance, but you might inquire at Sipapu Lodge about availability, 1-800-587-2240. Also all motels, hotels, etc can be browsed at the following lodging site.

CLICK HERE to see the latest Rally Agenda

There are three Options to register for the rally - Choose whichever Option works best for you 

Registration Option #1

On-line Registration - Two Steps...

Step One:

CLICK HERE to Complete On-Line Registration

Step Two:


Once you have completed the on-line registration you will be given the option to pay via PayPal --OR-- you will have the option to mail your payment.

PayPal payments will be assessed a $1 fee for the total amount being paid.

Registration Option #2

Print and Mail-in Paper Form

Pre-registration mail-in rally fees are:

$45 for adults

$25 for children 4-15 years old

Children under 4 years of age are free

CLICK HERE to Download Mail-in Registration Form

Mail registration forms to:

Land of Enchantment BMW Riders

PO Box 92095

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87199-2095

Registration Option #3

On-site Registration

Register at the Rally
Credit Cards Accepted

On-site registration rally fees are:

$55 for adults

$30 for children 4-15 years old

Children under 4 years of age are free.

CLICK HERE to Download On-Site Registration Form

Complete the On-Site Registration Form and bring it with you for faster on-site registration!



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