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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

2017 Riding Challenge

Museums of New Mexico


sponsored by

Land Of Enchantment BMW Riders and Sandia BMW Motorcycles


organized by

Sandy & Amy Ballard


Ride to the museum locations depicted on the Riding Challenge Map and take a photograph of you and your bike in front of a museum sign.  If you are by yourself and can’t manage a selfie, a picture of just your bike in front of the sign is acceptable.  You do not have to actually enter the museum, but, hey, why would you ride all that way and not go in?

2017 Riding Challenge - click for large mapCLICK THE MAP to see full size in Google Maps

Email your photos anytime to Sandy Ballard at - that's how you earn credit for visiting the museum.


If you send a really cool photo, it will be included on the Riding Challenge Map and on the LOEBMR website. A spreadsheet containing a list of folks who have visited each museum will be posted on the LOEBMR website and updated from time to time. Photos must be sent to no later than midnight, November 5, 2017 (the date we switch back to Standard Time).


When you visit at least 30 of the 50 museums you will win a coveted 2017 Riding Challenge T-shirt which you will be able to pick up at Sandia BMW Motorcycles in Albuquerque.


The winner(s) of the Riding Challenge will be those folks who visit the most museums.  For example, if 3 people visit 45 museums, and no one visits more than 45 museums, those 3 people will be the winners of the Riding Challenge. Winners will receive additional prizes, which will be distributed at the LOEBMWR Christmas Party in early December.


You must be a member of LOEBMWR to win T-shirts or prizes. You can join LOEBMWR for a paltry $35/yr at


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